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RHS Hampton Court | Cancer Research UK

Gold & Peoples' Choice 

Like a natural landscape which often allows one to engage with nature, giving the impetus for the mind to wander and visit both joyous and more sobering experiences the Cancer Research UK garden will encourage reflection, communication and the opportunity to celebrate life alongside the importance of the continuing work of the charity.

The garden will use a series of strongly emotive metaphors which will provide opportunity to open conversation whilst feeling nurturing and secure.

Key plants will subtly allow engagement and conversation about the treatment of cancer and on-going research allowing conversation about he vital nature of funding and the importance of leaving legacies.

The garden will provide sheltered spaces where visitors can sit, engage in conversation and celebrate the lives of loved ones no- longer with us and those who’s legacy lives on through the foot prints they have embedded on our souls, and those who have beaten cancer and know the importance of funding future research to find the ultimate goal.

The garden was intended as both a love letter to life a crucially a space which shares the importance and incredible difference each legacy gift means to Cancer Research UK and ultimately all of us

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